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Performance Center Berlin Tuning is an established and successful company for cartuning in Berlin since many years, with an extra-high-class team.
The satisfaction of our customers is proofing the quality of our work. You don’t only receive maximum performance, but also high quality service.

Every car which we tune will be unique and treated with full respect.

We don’t create mass products, only individual solutions.

Let your dreams come true, just hand over your car to us for a while … we make it happen!!

Performance Center Berlin - VW T5 Daylight Lightning System
Only @ XTR: Daylight-Lightning-Kit for VW T5

When You install the own developed Daylight-Lightning-Kit for Your VW T5, You'll invest into Your security and also mount a high-quality solution. You can also order this Kit in our Webshop, or call us under +49 (0)30 66 50 99 20 for more informations.
Order online for 479,- € + shipping

More about Daylight Lightning SystemsDetails to this T5-Kit

Performance Center Berlin - Chevrolet Captiva Tuning
XTR pimps a Chevrolet Captiva -
and starts through with Eurotuner-Magazine

XTR dynamizes a Chevrolet Captiva with 20" EtaBeta Rochel Wheels in black, H&R Lowing Springs, Chiptuning and the XTR Speed Connector. Also the windows have been tinted and the complete car was wrapped into a orange/black foil ... "eXTRa individuell", that's how the Eurotuner-Magazine titled.

See more pictures in our Showroom

Performance Center Berlin GmbH - XTR Speed Connector Burnout Pic
More fun with the accelerator - XTR Speed Connector

In every car with an electronic accelerator, there is still a power reserve. With installing the XTR SpeedConnector, this reserve will be released and the car accelerates much better. The XTR Speed Connector will be mounted PnP at the back of your accelerator pedal. Many models available!
Starting with 249,- € incl. installation

More about XTR Speed ConnectorMounting-Video

You will be overwhelmed, like others before, about what Performance Center Berlin Tuning can bring into effect.
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