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NEW - Sprint Booster !

In addition to our Speed Connector XTR now also provides a new product - the Sprint Booster.
The greatest opposite between both modules is the torque-speed characteristic. XTR Speed Connector is first and foremost invented for vehicles with increased performance and standard aspirated engines.
Caused by difficult "tuning capabilities" with aspirated engines we invented the XTR Speed Connector.

As contrasted with the XTR Speed Connector our new Sprint Booster can be used with any engine.
Brembo high performance brake systems
Diversification of brembo sport brake systems

Performance Center Berlin is brembo Technic-Center East Germany and we present new brembo sport brakes for most vehicles:
New brembo sport brake discs and brake pad can be mounted easily instead of standard brake parts with Plug&Play.
With minimal effort Your vehicle gets a "braking-upgrade" that improves braking performance besides more durability.

Indispensable for Your car.

Soon these new parts will be available in our Online-Shop.
Mercedes Benz Viano Tuning
NEWS: Mercedes Benz Viano

A new project mady by Performance Center Berlin:
Mercedes Benz Viano 3.0 CDI with H&R lowering setting, 19" EtaBeta Tettsutt rims in black, XTR Speed Connector and digital electric device for increased performance.

See more in our showroom soon!
suspensions and settings KW DDC - Electronic damping control via iPhone-App

For all drivers, who haven't got electronic damping control, KW has the solution.
Via WiFi or iPhone App new "DDC coilover kits with electronic damping control" can be adjusted simply.

Catalogue with availableness coming soon!

Read more about KW suspensions and lowering settings

KW Gewindefahrwerke - individuelle Lösungen für Ihr Fahrzeug Performance Center Berlin is KW Sales & ServicePoint

Caused by the good and close cooperation with KW Automotive Performance Center Berlin Tuning has the ability to provide individual and matching suspensions solutions for Your car.
Many customers, with many different wishes
concerning their suspension, left us satisfied with our work. It does't matter if just visual effects or a combination of that plus performance … At Performance Center Berlin we find THE solution!

Read more about KW suspensions and individual lowering settings

Mini John Cooper Works Tuning XTR Mini Cooper John Cooper Works

Mini Cooper JCW XTR Motorsport Edition with KW screwable suspensions Variation 3, 7x18 ET42  O.Z. Ultraleggera gold, front axle with sport braking kit by Brembo with ventilated disks, increased performance via software and suction optimization for up to 260 horsepower and more…

Watch more pictures in our Showroom

Porsche 964 Tuning with screwable suspensions kit by KW suspensions and 18'' wheels by BBS First VW T5, now Mercedes Viano

After we rebuilt many VW T5, more and more Mercedes Benz Viano-Fans come to us to give their vehicle in our hands.
We can call several conversions, no matter whether multimedia or performance, our own.

See more pictures in our Showroom

Any further questions?! Please feel free to send us an email.

You will be overwhelmed, like others before, about what Performance Center Berlin can bring into effect.
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