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Window-design foils and car-foil wrapping

Many car manufactures are installing big windows. During summer this can create a negative side-effect : the heat and the UV-light may make You weak and reduce Your reactions. Windowdesign foils are working like a shield, Your car is turning into a nice shadow place. Also it gives the car a special note and more security and comfort.

This is what You can receive:

• competent consideration
• a huge sortiment of foils
• professional installation
• 7 year warranty on the material

Good to know!
A record to Your registration documents is not necessary.

You want to have a new colour ? But don't want to paint the complete car !?
Here You have the solution: car-foil wrapping

This method of car-tuning is not only cheaper than painting the complete car, it also gives You room for your creativity and quick changings. And all this not only for promotional or advertising reasons, also for your private taste.
Within 2 days your car gets a new look. You can choose the colour out of our sortiment, all foils are reconstructable. Your car is protected against stone-damages and small scratches, after an accident it can be repaired easily.
Also there's no need to add it to Your car registration documents.
Beside professional consideration and an almost endless range of foils we offer a 3 years warranty.

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Performance Center Berlin is a reliable and competent partner for windowdesign-foils or car-foil wrapping.
Please feel free to send us an email for more informations.

Performance Center Berlin GmbH - VW T5 Daylight Lightning System
Only @ XTR: Daylight-Lightning-Kit for VW T5

When You install the own developed Daylight-Lightning-Kit for Your VW T5, You'll invest into Your security and also mount a high-quality solution. You can also order this Kit in our Webshop, or call us under +49 (0)30 66 50 99 20 for more informations.
Order online for 479,- € + shipping

More about Daylight Lightning SystemsDetails to this T5-Kit

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