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Chiptuning / Uprating

engine computer tuning uprating More than 17 years of experience made Performance Center Berlin Tuning to one of the leading companies for chiptuning in Germany.

Find Your advantages in:

• chiptuning via OBD, traceless without soldering
• online optimizing by simulating
• recovering to standard-setup free-of-charge
• fair prices, best service
• save up to 20% fuel with the XTR Oeco-Tuning for cars and trucks more …

No matter, which section in vehicle electronics we work - Performance Center Berlin Tuning is Your competent and reliable partner.

Chiptuning Vehicle Select

To uprate Your vehicle / engine power, there are two different ways of chiptuning.

Chiptuning via OBD:

• individual adjustment of an performance profile to Your vehicle
• no precast data sets
• engine-power-check via OBD - free-of-charge
• engine-power-check on test block according to customers' request more …

This kind of uprating engine power is time-consuming but most exclusive.

When you decide to install a chiptuning (no matter if OBD software or a Tuning-Box), the manufacturer warranty ends immediatly.
To keep you on the sunny side of life, we can offer you an additional warranty for your engine and gear box from 1 to 3 years.

Prices for engine, gearbox and powertrain warranty:

Tuning-warranty runtime 12 months 24 months 36 months
Max. mileage 100.000 km 149,00 € 279,00 € 399,00 €
Max. mileage SMART 50.000 km 149,00 € 279,00 € 399,00 €

An additional warranty for 12 month is possible for cars ... :

• that You bought a warranty within the last 6 month for
• which are not older than 4 years
• which have a max. mileage of 80.000 km

Warranty for tuned vehicles, which are running with LPG :

The warranty covers all cars except SMART. Only for vehicles which have been tuned within the first three year of building and a maximum milage of 60.000 kilometers.

SMART warranty : Only for vehicles which has been tuned within the first year of building and a maximum milage of 20.000 kilometers.

Tuning-warranty runtime 12 months 24 months 36 months
Max. mileage 100.000 km 169,00 € 299,00 € 419,00 €
Max. mileage MART 50.000 km 169,00 € 299,00 € 419,00 €
Warranty regulations PDF-Download
(German Version)
fuel-powered vehicle gas-powered vehicle

Uprating via digital Tuning-Box:

• Customized software for Your vehicle
• adjustment of optimized performance curve according customers' request
• power-check via OBD / test drive free-of-charge
• adjustment of software after changing cars free-of-charge (replacement of
connection cable is necessary)
• 4 years warranty
digital tuning-box
Chiptuning Vehicle Select

Performance Center Berlin Tuning is a reliable and competent partner for Chiptuning. Please feel free to send us an email for more informations.

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