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smartTOP convertible modules - known from Autobild magazine

Performance Center Berlin Tuning is the official distributor for mods4cars smartTOP convertible hood modules in Germany. We are steady intending to evolve the modules for the latest cars. This special effort has been already reflected by the media.
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smartTOP in Auto Motor Sport magazine
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smartTOP in AutoBild magazine
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With the mods4cars smartTOP module you can use the convertible hood while
you are driving, and also by original remote key.
All functions are free programmable, the module give you the freedom of
choice. Also you can install the modules easily, no need to cut cables or
solder something.

We deliver the module ready to install, with a pre-mounted cable set and a
detailed installation guide.

No need to install an extra remote control, you
can steer everything with you original remote key.

RMA-Formular for return sendings Please download PDF here

Performance Center Berlin Tuning is a reliable and competent partner for smartTOP convertible modules.
Please feel free to send us an email for more informations.

Performance Center Berlin GmbH - XTR Speed Connector Burnout Pic
More fun with the accelerator - XTR Speed Connector

In every car with an electronic accelerator, there is still a power reserve. With installing the XTR Speed Connector, this reserve will be released and the car accelerates much better. The XTR Speed Connector will be mounted PnP at the back of your accelerator pedal. Many models available!
Starting with 249,- € incl. installation

More about XTR Speed ConnectorMounting-Video

You will be overwhelmed, like others before, about what Performance Center Berlin Tuning can bring into effect.

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